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We work well with dietary restrictions. Just give us notice, and we'll make sure every guest can enjoy the food.

Tufts Catering is committed to meeting the needs of guests who have special dietary restrictions or preferences. With at least 24 hours advance notice, our chefs can accommodate most requests. Please contact us at 617-627-3411 when booking your event to let us know how we can meet your needs. Then, be sure to inform your guest to identify themselves at the time of the event so our staff can ensure they receive their special menu items.

We recognize that you and your guests may need to know about potential allergens in our menu items. Please notify us if you or anyone in your party has an allergy or food intolerance, and contact us at 617-627-3411 with any allergy-related questions or concerns.

Please note: If entrées are modified to accommodate special diets, the original entrée price will be charged if it is higher than the price of the substitution.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free

We offer a broad variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free entrees and sides, to meet the needs of our diverse community. They are identified on the menu by the following notations:

  • (V): Vegetarian
  • VG: Vegan
  • GF: Gluten-Free

In most instances, with 48 hours advance notice, our chef can accommodate vegetarian and vegan guests with an appetizing and healthful alternative to the main entrée. Please consult with our Catering event coordinators when booking your event.

Kosher Requests

We will provide kosher foods upon request using our Glatt kosher deli or an independent kosher caterer, who delivers prepared foods to our distribution facility. Any vendor minimums and delivery charges for kosher foods will be passed on to the client. All standard Tufts Catering charges and fees also apply. We can provide kosher menu examples by request.

If your event is planned in the Hillel Center or requires kosher foods, please contact our office to review the available kosher selections. While we are able to provide kosher foods in other campus locations, kosher service will be less strict outside the Hillel Center.

BooK Now with Tufts Catering

Tufts Catering is fully booked May 13 – 17. We are humbled by the interest and support of Tufts community for choosing us as your ideal partner for these special moments and will continue to give you the best of us!

Catering requests May 10 – May 12 must be placed by Friday, April 24 at noon and will be accepted or denied after the event has been reviewed by Tufts Catering.

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