CHase Center

Hosting a reception or a luncheon for 25 to 70 people? The Chase Center is ideal.

Reservations for Cheryl A. Chase Center

Room reservation is available through Tufts’ Space and Resource Reservation System.

Seating and Room Set-Up

Standard Chase Center room set-up:

  • Six, 60” round tables seating up to 48 guests.
  • 14’ buffet station and 8’ beverage/dessert station.
    • An additional 14’ buffet station and/or a registration table can be set in the foyer if requested.
  • Portable bar is also available
  • Additional chairs along the perimeter walls that may be used for overflow seating

Additional seating options:

  • 80 guests using existing 60” round tables and chairs
  • 100 guests reception-style using rented cocktail tables
  • 60 guests theater-style using existing chairs
  • 30 guests in a open rectangle board table
  • 20 guests in a U-shape conference table using rented 8’ tables and existing chairs

You must submit an online IDR to Tufts Facilities to arrange for Chase Center set-up, furniture rental, and for pre- and post-event custodial services. Even if you use the free standard room set-up, you must still contact Tufts Facilities to ensure that the room is properly cleaned and that the furniture is in place for your event.

Please note that minor furniture adjustments may be made by Tufts Catering to accommodate your event. Only Facilities is authorized to alter the set-up of furniture in this room. Clients are not permitted to move furniture. Moving furniture will result in a bill for Facilities to reset the room.

All property and materials brought in must be removed following the event, and nothing may be affixed to the walls or fixtures. Any damage to the facility or excessive cleaning required following an event will result in additional charges added to the IDR.

Access to the Chase Center must be arranged via Tufts Catering personnel. If you need access prior to a defined event time, please contact the Catering office x73411.

Audiovisual, Phone, and Internet Service

The Chase Center has the following audiovisual (AV) equipment:

  • Screen
  • LCD projector
  • Laptop connections and connections for electrical power, telephone and wireless internet access (on the Tufts UIT network)

Use of the existing AV system is included with the room reservation. Additional AV equipment is the responsibility of the sponsoring group. Please contact AV Services for assistance.

Activation of telephone or internet connections requires an IDR to Telecommunications in advance of the event date.

A campus phone for public use is located in the corridor near the restrooms.

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