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Rent a six-foot charcoal grill for your event

Renting a charcoal grill

Six-foot charcoal grills can be rented from Tufts Catering for a fee of $75 per day. The rental fee includes the grill, Match Light charcoal (no lighter fluid needed), oven mitts, and cooking utensils.

The renter is responsible for the pickup and return of the grill. During the academic year, grills can be picked up at Carmichael. For summer grill rental pickup, please check with the catering office for pickup location.

Please complete and submit an EVENT ORDER FORM with a valid DEPT ID for your grill rental. Student groups must also bring a completed, signed, hard copy IDR to the Catering Office at 89 Curtis Street Somerville, 3rd floor to confirm their grill rental.

For groups that do not have a DEPT ID, a $700 damage deposit is required.

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