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At Tufts Catering, your success is our priority.

With great chefs, delicious food, and service that goes above and beyond, we deliver quality every single time.

Tufts Catering serves the Tufts community on the Medford/Somerville campus. While faculty and staff are our most frequent customers, alumni, student organizations, parents of students, and other friends of the University may also take advantage of our catering services if they have a room or space booked on the Tufts campus.

    We provide catering services for a wide variety of events—from small to large, casual to elegant, for business or pleasure.

    • Meetings (committees, project teams, department meetings, guest speakers)
    • Major academic events and conferences
    • Professional recognition events (farewell, retirement, promotion, department achievement)
    • Awards banquets
    • Holiday parties and other social events

    Please plan in advance if you are having an event related to Matriculation in September and Commencement or Reunions in May, as these are especially popular times of year for catering services.

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