We believe that great food is the most important part of your event, but there some other considerations when planning an event. Start by reviewing the essential steps to get started, and then review our full guidelines on logistics and ordering as needed.

Getting Started

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1. Pick a date

Pick an event date that works with our calendar and yours. We have normal operations during the academic year and summer, but you'll need to plan ahead for events during holidays and winter and spring recesses.

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2. Plan your space

You always need reserve a space that can accommodate your event. Then you'll work with facilities to plan setup and breakdown, as needed. If you are planning to serve alcohol, you're also required to schedule a police detail.

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3. Place your order

Start by browsing our menus for the perfect meal, then place your catering order. During the ordering process will ask for the details of your event, like guest count, event enhancements, and dietary restrictions.

Event Logistics

These guidelines are essential to planning of your event and may coordination with a building manager, Tufts Facilities, or University Police.

  • Scheduling Considerations: Tufts Catering has normal operations during the academic year and summer. Please consult with us and plan ahead for events during holidays and winter and spring recesses.
  • Event Space and Set up: Once you've decided on a date that meets our scheduling considerations, you'll need to reserve a space and plan for room setup and cleanup.
  • Bar Service: Tufts Catering can help provide beer, wine, and spirits are your event, whether it's a invite-only bar or an open cash bar. There are certain restrictions for bar service, and all alcoholic beverage bars require a Police Detail.

Ordering Guidelines

These guidelines are all about your order with Tufts Catering.

  • Allergy and Dietary Restrictions: We take allergy and dietary restrictions seriously. Make sure to tell us your restrictions when placing your order.
  • Service Types: Learn the differences between our three service types: Drop-off, Standard Delivery, and Full-service.
  • Enhancements: Dress up your event with enhancements like linen, flowers, and lighting.
  • Bar Service: Planning to serve alcohol at your event? We're here to help guide you through the process.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to furthering Tufts' goal of creating sustainable campuses by encouraging low-waste events and sourcing local, sustainably produced foods.
  • Confirmation and Payment: After you submit your order, we will send you a menu proposal with your event details including menu and cost estimate.
  • Cancellations: We understand that things change! Please see the following guidance on cancellations, to make sure you avoid any required payments.