Event Space and Setup

Once you've decided on a date that meets our scheduling considerations, you'll need to reserve a space and plan for room setup and cleanup.

Space Reservation

We request you reserve your event space and meeting rooms in ReserveTufts prior to making your catering arrangements. (If your room does not appear in ReserveTufts contact the building manager.)

Book Space with ReserveTufts

Setup and Cleanup

After you have reserved your space, you'll need to plan for room setup and cleanup.

  • Submit a Facilities Service Request for your furniture and room set up and any custodial services. Trash removal and room cleaning services are not provided by Tufts Catering. Contact Tufts Event Management and Support for assistance.
  • Tufts Catering is available to provide table, chair and set up information when placing your order with facilities. (This is important so that we can provide any event enhancements that are part of your ordered.)

Submit a Facilities Service Request

Room Access

Catering will require access to the space prior to the event time. Make sure that the door is unlocked or card access has been disabled.

  • For Drop-off Service, we require access to your delivery location 30 minutes prior to your event.
  • For Standard Delivery and Full Service: We require access to your event location two hours prior to your start time (special set ups may require more time).