Lead Time: 3 business days
Pricing: A la carte by the box or bottle
Service Type: Drop-off (Learn More)

Start Your Order Planning Guidelines

Coffee and Hot Tea

Hot coffee or tea served in 12-serving boxes (96 oz). Served with cream, milk, and sweeteners. Non-dairy milks available upon request.

  • Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee ($24/box)
  • Teatulia Tea bags(12) with Hot Water ($24/box)

Individual Beverages

Juice, soda and water is priced per bottle/can. 


  • Apple Juice ($2.00)
  • Cranberry Juice ($2.00)
  • Orange Juice ($2.00)


  • Coke ($1.60)
  • Diet Coke ($1.60)
  • Sprite ($1.60)


  • Spring Water ($1.60)
  • Sparkling Water ($1.60)