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Bar Service

Spirits, wine, and beer, all served by our professional staff

Lead time: 5 Business Days
Pricing: Varies
Service Types: Full (Learn More)
Notes: See our Bar Service Guidelines

Tufts offers hosted bars as well as open bars for your event. Please see our Bar Service Guidelines.



  • Wine: $20–$42 per bottle uncorked
  • Beer: $6–$8 per bottle
  • Spirits: $7.50 per cocktail
  • Neat, Rocks, Martini, Manhattan: $10 per cocktail, Premium Spirits: $10.00 per cocktail


All bar minimums must be met or the client will pay the difference between the minimum expected revenue and the actual beverage sales—fees, service charge, and the taxes excluded. Non-alcoholic beverages included. Minimum will be based on your attendance guarantee:

  • Up to 15 guests: $75     
  • 16–50 guests: $195
  • 51–75 guests: $245
  • 76–100 guests: $365
  • More than 100 guests: $425

Full Guidelines

Bars always require special planning and a police detail.

View Bar Service Guidelines